BLCM ChangeLog

Version 1.13 [December 2015]

In previous versions, it was not possible to save output to Desktop: this is now fixed.

Version 1.12.2 (and 1.12, 1.12.1) [December 2015]

Minor update. The sensitivity & specificity prior distribution entry form did not show correctly in previous version.

Version 1.11.2 [April 2015]

Update to hyperlinks and contact email address in manual and package. Reference to R package lcmr dropped.

Version 1.11.1 [April 2015]

Minor bug fix update: a potential installation problem was solved.

Version 1.11 [January 2015]

Minor update.

Version 1.10 [September 2014]

R code was recompiled to be compliant with R-3.1.1.

Version 1.9.2 (and 1.9, 1.9.1) [June 2013]

Minor update: A few minor esthetical changes were made. A new feature now

prevents program failure if no system-defined temporary directory exists.

Version 1.8 [August 2012]

The path to the sub-directory where temporary files are stored was added to the Help menu of the initial form. While you can usually ignore these files, they can sometimes be helpful in troubleshooting when there are problems.

Version 1.7 [July 2012]

Minor update: cmd.exe now closes automatically when program terminates.

Version 1.6.1 (and 1.6) [February 2012]

Minor technical problem solved from previous version.

Version 1.5.1 (and 1.5) [December 2011]

The previous default application folder (c:\Program Files) caused write permission problems for some Windows 7 and Vista users. Default application folder now changed to C:\Users\user name\Documents.

Version 1.4.1 [May 2011]

A minor update that may help in correctly identifying the path to R in the initial run (especially for Windows 7 and Windows Vista users).

Version 1.4 [October 2010]

The R package was recompiled under R2.10.1.

Version 1.3 [January 2009]

The program now accepts either commas or periods as decimal symbols, depending on Regional Settings. Both commas and periods cannot be used at the same time, you must use the option chosen for your computer. See section 3.4 of this document.1 (p. 7) for full details.

Version 1.2 [June 2008]

Earlier versions accepted commas in numeric inputs, which, depending on their placement, could have led to unintended inputs being used. If a comma is found, a pop-up box now asks you to remove it, eliminating all ambiguity.

Version 1.1 [April 2008]

In earlier version, default path to R may not have been defined properly on Windows x64 platforms. This has now been corrected.